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  • Alberto de la Cruz: Obviously to enjoy the luxuries and “good life” the apartheid regime prohibits regular Cubans who live...

  • TWFKAP: Why would anyone with the handle “marielito” go back to a country that, in effect, kicked him out and called him...

  • Rayarena: Good Lord, we have completely lost Cuba. The country is being divided amongst all of the major world players, the US, China and...

  • Gigi: There go my purchases of Gucci parfum.

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Cuban Politically Correct Terminology

Attention! They are no longer called “Yankee Imperialists.”   Now, we call them “Our Friends to the North!”

Hopelessnes And Change For The Worse

I haven’t been paying too much attention to current events these past few weeks. Frankly, The Obama administration’s decision to "normalize" relations with Cuba left me with the desire to crawl into a cave with a few bottles and hibernate. So as I start to come out of my temporary exile in the blissful cave of ignorance, […]

Cubans Are Fun-Loving People

The late Cuban-American historian, journalist, and historian Luis Aguilar León authored what many consider the definitive work on describing the personality traits of Cubans. In his “El Profeta Habla de los Cubanos,” Dr. Aguilar León indicates that “los cubanos toman en serio los chistes y hacen de todo lo serio un chiste … Su espíritu […]


Alicia Alonso of the National Ballet of Cuba ponders the reasons that triggered eight of its dances to defect during a recent performance in Puerto Rico. I am certain that Alicia is also wondering what ever happened to the “patria-o-muerte” convictions of these dancers after the long and arduous indoctrination that they received at public […]

The New York Times should be embarrassed for printing Maduro’s op-ed

Let's file this one under the "no tiene nombre" category.  We've seen The New York Times print a lot of weird things over the years but this one is beyond belief. Today, The NY Times published an op-ed by Mr Nicolas Maduro and it's embarrassing. Here are a couple of samples: 1) The post is […]

Cubanarama tonight will focus on Cuban rock band Zeus documentary

If you like heavy metal and if you are an anti-Castro freedom loving individual, then you should tune in tonight to Cubanarama and Marta's online "live" interview with Nicholas Brennan. The interview will deal with the documentary, "Hard Rock Havana" and a popular/famous heavy metal band named Zeus. They've been rocking the island of Cuba […]

“El que tiene palanca”: ObamaCare is so great that some of Obama’s friends get waivers

There are many reasons to dislike ObamaCare, such as the whole issue of federal overreach and impact on the private insurance market. However, the #1 reason is that the law does not apply equally to all.    President Obama has unilaterally changed the law to give groups special favors or treatment. The Wall Street Journal […]

Even “El Pais” thinks that Branson was over the top!

We saw Alberto De La Cruz's post earlier today about Richard Branson dressing up as Che to promote his new business ventures. I found this from "El Pais" in Spain to be rather interesting: "Si el Che Guevara levantara la cabeza, probablemente volvería a morirse al ver que uno de los hombres más ricos del mundo, defensor del capitalismo […]

Cuba “Expert” and Florida voter-ballot “Expert” — been ‘hangin together!

Congressman Joe Garcia and Raul Castro's nephew-in-law Arturo Lopez-Callejas ("Artie Levy to you!"-- also known as "The Castro Family's Fredo") 'hangin in Washington last Feb. "This past 25th through the 27th of February 2013, CAFE, Cuban Americans for Engagement, held a trip to Washington D.C. to meet with different officials and legislators of the U.S. […]

Reports from Cuba: The ‘Cuban Model’ of INTERNET

By Wilfredo Lopez in Translating Cuba: The “Cuban Model” of INTERNET When the new law of “expansion” of INTERNET service goes into effect tomorrow, 11 million Cubans will be able to go to cybercafes and pay $4.50 USD (115 Cuban pesos) per hour to surf cyberspace. I’m sure that with the average salary of 400 […]

Cuban American turns memories of escape from Cuba into art

Via NBC Latino: An immigrant turns memories into art – and a fundraiser for the American Latino Museum “Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!” is not only the name of Jay Alvarez’ one-hour one-man-show, it’s also what his parents used to tell him when he was nearly five years old and on a boat with […]

Lessons from Tiananmen Square: The importance of strategy and planning

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Lessons from Tiananmen Square: The importance of strategy and planning In the spring of 1989, Chinese students and workers occupied Beijing's Tiananmen Square and began the largest nonviolent political protest in China's history. At the height of the movement, over one million people marched in the streets of […]

Raul Castro’s violin solo

The humor of Garrincha in Martí Noticias: - Mariela's conga line for gay rights has been a public relations success. - I'm thinking we can do something musical that is similar for my economic reforms... - A violin solo, for example!

Babalú Exclusive:
The Bay of Pigs: In defense of Truth and History – Part VI

Part VI of a Babalú exclusive report on the Bay of Pigs invasion by historian Diego Trinidad, Ph.D. ( Read Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V): The Bay of Pigs: In defense of Truth and History - Part VI By Diego Trinidad, Ph.D. The last conspiracy theory remaining is the […]

Quote of the Day – Beyonce cares about women’s rights (except Cuban women’s rights)

American music mega-star Beyonce recently vacationed in Cuba with her rap mogul husband Jay-Z, and during her stay there as a VIP guest of the repressive apartheid Castro dictatorship, she did absolutely nothing and did not utter one word in defense or support of Cuba's brave women in the opposition. While Beyonce sipped cognac and […]