Obama’s new Cuba policy provides apartheid Castro regime with an ‘excuse’ for brutal repression

Mauricio Claver-Carone completely dismantles the pro-Castro engagement argument with their own argument.

Via Newsmax:

Cuba Still a Brutal Dictatorship

mcc newsmax

Supporters of President Obama’s policy of unconditional engagement with the Castro dictatorship are in a terrible bind after last week’s VII Cuban Communist Party Congress (“Congress”).

They argue that the prior U.S. policy of principled accountability had given Castro an “excuse” for its recalcitrant and repressive behavior. Removing this “excuse” is the premise of their policy.

So it was interesting to gauge their reaction to the recent Congress.

During the Congress, Gen. Raul Castro retrenched politically, making it clear that he will remain the “supreme leader” of Cuba and its sole party until 2021, hence, not giving up power in 2018, as many naively believed.

Castro also retrenched economically by criminalizing any subjective “accumulation of wealth” by Cuba’s “self-employed” sector (“cuentapropistas”) and refusing to recognize them as legal entities. This, in addition to the previously criminalized “accumulation of property.”

Moreover, the Congress served a healthy dose of anti-American rhetoric, lambasting President Obama and referring to the United States as “the enemy.”

So what was the reaction of Obama’s supporters? That Castro’s retrenchment is due to his feeling “nervous,” “threatened,” and “vulnerable” by the new policy.

In other words, those who argue that the previous policy served as an “excuse” are now arguing that Castro is using Obama as an “excuse.” Better yet — the “excuse” excuse is now their new excuse.

Note how they have dizzied themselves in circles:

  • Before they argued that Castro’s recalcitrance was due to a “failure” in U.S. policy. Now they argue that Castro’s recalcitrance underscores the “success” of Obama’s policy.
  • Before they argued that U.S. policy buoyed Castro’s anti-American rhetoric. Now they argue that Castro’s anti-American rhetoric shows Obama has made him “nervous.”
  • Before they argued that President Bush served as a scapegoat for Castro’s attacks.
  • Now they argue that Castro attacked Obama because he feels “threatened” and “vulnerable.”

But my favorite is U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. During his tenure in the Senate, Kerry consistently argued that U.S. policy “endangered” dissidents.

Yet, in an recent interview, Kerry now argues that increased repression on the island is a good thing — part of “a positive transformation.”

These inherent contradictions are due to the fact that their premise is wrong.

If the United States and other democratic nations embrace dictatorial regimes, does anyone truly believe that they’ll democratize and stop repressing their people? Of course not.

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How Ernest Hemingway literally “drank” to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s firing squad murder marathons



“Castro’s revolution is very pure and beautiful. I’m encouraged by it. The Cuban people now have a decent chance for the first time.” (Ernest Hemingway, 1960)


“Hemingway knew full well what was going on behind the scenes of Castro and Che’s “pure and beautiful” revolution. Accounts of  “Papa” Hemingway’s eager presence at many of the Katyn-like massacres of untried Cubans comes courtesy of Hemingway’s own friend, the late George Plimpton (not exactly an “embittered right-wing Cuban exile”)  who worked as editor of the Paris Review, (not exactly a “Mc Carthyite  scandal sheet.”)

“They (Hemingway and his chums) got out, set up chairs and took out the drinks, as if they were going to watch the sunset. Soon, a truck arrived with the trussed up victims and the firing squads got busy as Hemingway sipped his Daiquiris…”


Full documentation for Hemingway as gleeful and drunken voyeur at Castro and Che’s mass-murders provided here: 



Reports from Cuba: Two Russian deputies propose reestablishing signal intercept station in Cuba

14yMedio via Translating Cuba:

Two Russian Deputies Propose Reestablishing Signal Intercept Station in Cuba


Two Russian Deputies put forward a proposal to President Vladimir Putin to study the reestablishment of the Lourdes signals interception center in Cuba, as well as the deployment of Russian missile launchers on the island “to protect the interests of Moscow and its allies,” as local media reported this Wednesday.

The initiative comes as a response to the agreement between the United States and Turkey which will allow the deployment in May of high mobility tactical missiles (Himars) in the Southeast part of the Ottoman country, near the border with Syria, to deal with attacks by the jihadist group the Islamic State.

“We believe it is possible to use the Soviet experience to contain the current expansionist intentions of United States,” said Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov, members of the Communist Party, in explaining the request.

The center for signals interception, located near Havana, was shut down in 2002. However, the director of the Department of Latin America in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an interview last February that Moscow had no intention of opening military bases on the island.

Translated by Alberto

Carnival Cruise travel to apartheid Cuba is no carnival ride

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Why travel to Cuba is no carnival ride

Traveling to Cuba under the Castro regime should be a subject for serious reflection and not to be taken lightly for a number of reasons that are not immediately evident. First and foremost the tourism industry in Cuba is run by the military and intelligence service.


Tourism funds Cuban military

A large chunk of the Cuban economy is run by the company Gaviota that deals with tourism and is controlled by the MINFAR (the military)  and Castro’s Ministry of the Interior (MININT) that runs a hotel chain, an airline, taxi company, marinas, shops, restaurants and museums and is under the control of another general. The tourist group Cubanacán was founded at the beginning of the 1980s and is also under military control. This means that tourist dollars go directly to strengthening the Castro regime’s repressive apparatus.

The first American ship to cruise from the United States to Cuba in over half a century is partnering with Havanatur that is heavily penetrated by Cuban spies from the Ministry of Intelligence (MININT).Christopher P. Baker in his travel guide Havana explains the nature of the staff that tourists will be encountering.

“The Cuban government looks with suspicion  on U.S. travelers entering on religious or humanitarian licenses, and U.S. “people to people” programs are handled exclusively by Celimar, a division of Havanatur that is said to report to MININT and is heavily laden with ex-MININT staffers.”

Secondly, since Cuba is a totalitarian communist dictatorship that is the tenth most censored country on Earth according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, information of interest to traveler is often unavailable or misrepresented.

Don’t trust the water

The Cholera out break that was announced in July of 2012 and is still ongoing across the island with official reports emerging from Camaguey, Granma, Guantanamo, Havana, and Santiago de Cuba was not reported immediately in the official press.  The Cuban government’s lack of candor in reporting on outbreaks of contagious diseases such as cholera and dengue should give travelers to Cuba cause for concern. International media in Cuba are cautious about reporting bad news from Cuba. Journalists in Cuba have ample reason to fear being expelled having seen colleagues such as Chicago Tribune’s Gary Marx, the BBC’s Stephen Gibbs and Cesar Gonzalez-Calero of Mexico’s El Universal all expelled in 2007 from Cuba for offering reporting that although bending over backwards not to offend still ran afoul of the regime.

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Carnival Cruise voyage to explore the apartheid wonders of Cuba sets sail on Sunday

Tomorrow the champagne corks will no doubt be popping and the drink will flow on Carnival’s Adonia as the ship sets sail for apartheid Cuba. While the passengers enjoy unlimited food and luxurious accommodations on the ship, they will also be able to enjoy the benefits provided only to tourists in apartheid Cuba and spend a week marveling at the misery and poverty of the enslaved Cuban people as if they were touring a zoo.

Hank Tester the Examiner:

Fathom to Cuba: The long awaited voyage

carnival fathom adonia

Sunday, May 1st, will see what South Florida newspaper and television reporters continually label as “historic.” Indeed the departure for Cuba by Carnival Cruise Line’s Fathom brand Adonia is certainly a milestone. Yet it is just a beginning, a first step and a forerunner of what will evolve in years to come.

Carnival certainly has sights set on when they can offer traditional tourist cruises that would include Havana and other Cuban ports of call on their Caribbean itineraries. The cruise is “a kind of a hybrid,” Carnival spokesman Roger Frizzell told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “The Cuba traveler is traveling on a Fathom ship, but it is not the Fathom experience.” In order to comply with U.S. Government restrictions on Travel to Cuba, Fathom has to offer what is called a “people-to-people” experience. Fathom currently sends the Adonia to the Dominican Republic where passengers get off the ship to interact with locals developing projects that benefit the well being of the Dominican population. Indeed that is a interaction with citizens that fits the letter of the law when it comes to Cuba, but that’s not exactly how the Cuba cruise will work.

The cruise to Cuba will feature none of the “hands on” experience passengers to the D.R. were tasked with. It will be much more of a traditional cruise docking in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. Half the time on the cruise will be spent on board as described on the company’s website: “Our itinerary was designed for ease of travel; between cities you will enjoy immersive and relaxing on-board activities like dancing lessons, an authentic Cuban cocktail class, or simply unwinding by the pool. For your time on the island, we’ve created a thoughtful cultural exchange experience that gives you and your fellow travelers the rare opportunity to learn more about the everyday lives of the Cuban people and their remarkable culture.’

Likely the Cuban government wanted a more tightly controlled itinerary much like what is allowed with the extremely popular land based tours currently offered to U.S. based affinity groups.

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Flood of Cuban “migrants” keeps flowing into U.S.

Cheque de Guelfer o muerte! (Welfare Check or death!)

Vamonos!  Let’s go!

Realizing that the future is bleak for everyone on their island slave plantation, thanks to the Normalization Circus, Cubans keep fleeing in record numbers.

Yesterday, 19 of them arrived in the Florida Keys, on the heels of another 23 who had just arrived the previous day in a homemade boat.

The latest batch somehow got their hands on a fairly nice sailboat. (Access to boats in Castrogonia is highly restricted).

Most of the recent “migrants” take their chances in vessels far more “rustic,” according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Why?  Because death at sea is far preferable to life in Castrogonia.

Never mind the fact that all 19 of them will probably return to Castrogonia very soon,  loaded with goodies, after they collect their Welfare checks.

They just know –instinctively — that they can solve their problems more efficiently by coming to the U.S. and cheating American taxpayers than by staying in Castrogonia and cheating, swindling, and bending a thousand and one rules every day of their lives.

Resolví mi problema, Mami, me fuí pa’ Miami! (I solved my problem, Mom, I fled to Miami!)

And — who knows?– maybe one of them will soon star in his or her pornographic video, copulating in public in Havana, cheered by a crowd of howling like-minded grandchildren of the Revolution.

Thank YOU, Meester Obama!

Lucky 19: not-so-rustic vessel makes it to the Keys

From Keys Info Net:

Cuban migrants make landfall in the Keys

With the calming seas this time of year come more migrants trying to make it across the Florida Straits from Cuba.

Friday, 19 more arrived on Keys shores. Twelve men landed their homemade sailboat at 4 a.m. at Harry Harris Park in Tavernier around mile marker 92.5 oceanside and seven others landed around 11 a.m. on an island off Geiger Key in the Lower Keys. They followed a Thursday landing about 2 a.m. at Smathers Beach in Key West, where 21 Cuban men and two women alit.

“During the calm season and with the weather patterns” of the summer, more migrant trips are expected, U.S. Border Patrol Supervisory Agent Adam Hoffner said.

He said that with the U.S.’ rapprochement to the Cuban government after half a century of having no diplomatic ties, some Cubans fear that the wet-foot, dry-foot policy that allows Cubans who make it to American soil to stay will go away. That’s driving many to try to make it the 90 miles across the sea.

Hoffner said it’s a bad idea.

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Cheque de Guelfer o muerte! Venceremos!

Breaking news: Grandson of Fidel Castro embarks on modeling career!

Tony Castro, son of Antonio Castro, grandson of Fidel Castro

Yep.  Damn right.  This is no joke.  One of Fidel’s grandsons is embarking on a career as fashion model.

He’s slated to model for Chanel.

Tony Castro, age 19, son of Antonio Castro, has been posing for photographers for a while, and like all narcissists, he also loves selfies.

Love thyself above all others

Long live the Revolution!  Si, coño, this is what Marxism-Leninism is all about.

You need proof of the ultimate hypocrisy of the so-called Revolution, and of its evil nature and its utter failure?  Look no further than this.

The privileged children of the oligarchy do whatever they want, just like the children of any royal or noble family.

As George Orwell put it in Animal Farm, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

For more photos and a full article on this budding model (in Spanish), go HERE

Some pigs are more equal and more beautiful than others

Überschweine (super-pigs): Dad and Grandpa

No sign of the change in Cuba promised by Obama’s policy of surrender to apartheid regime

Ana Radelat in The Hill:

Despite US overtures, not much has changed in Cuba


A month after President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba, the island’s leaders have made clear how they want the new relationship to grow — not very fast.

Last week’s seventh Communist Party Congress was a clear indicator that Cuba’s leaders aren’t going to move at the same pace as the Obama administration.

Robert Muse, a Washington, D.C.-based attorney involved in Cuban issues, said Cuba’s leaders have been consistent in their message since Obama began to normalize relations nearly a year and a half ago.

“It’s amazing how people aren’t listening to them,” he said. “Cuba is irrevocably a socialist nation.”

Supposed to be held every five years, the party plenary is usually gaveled in when the government feels a need to remind Cubans of the rules of the island’s political game.

The latest party featured a surprise appearance by former Cuban President Fidel Castro, who had earlier blasted Obama’s trip.

It also voted Raúl Castro back as the head of the Cuban Communist Party, meaning he could hold the party position — at least as powerful as the presidency — even if he keeps his word and steps down as the official head of state in 2018.

Raúl Castro reminded the gathering that the United States is still “the enemy.”

Delegates reappointed Machado Ventura, 85, known as an enforcer of communist orthodoxy, as party secretary. And the Congress’s 1,000 delegates voted for changes in the Cuban constitution that strengthened the party and barred the island’s nascent private sector from the “concentration of wealth.”

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Basic rights vanish in Cuba for visiting Cuban Americans

Holiday Travel

Cuban Americans who justly enjoy all the rights and freedoms of being an American citizen can check all those privileges at the door when they visit apartheid Cuba. There, the Castro dictatorship considers them just another Cuban that can be abused, repressed, extorted, enslaved, and murdered if need be.

Guillermo Martinez in the Sun Sentinel:

Cuban-Americans beware: rights disappear in Cuba

The information came to me from different sources. One was from a friend who I don’t see often enough.The other came from Cesar Pizarro, who I have known since the 1970s at The Miami Herald.

The first one was trying to convince me to travel to Cuba. He did, however, warn me that on the day that one gets on an airplane from the United States to Havana, Cuban-Americans have to leave the Bill of Rights sitting on the airplane. They are no good in Cuba.

Then came a succinct message from Pizarro, with a copy of the page where the U.S. Embassy in Havana details its services for Cuban- Americans. It was chilling.

I could not believe what I was reading, so I went directly to the Internet and found the page that Pizarro had sent to me.

Under the heading of dual nationality, the embassy document addresses what it can and mainly cannot do for people of dual nationalities. This applies to Cubans born on the island that have become American citizens and (this part is incredible and despicable) to the children of Cuban Americans born in the United States.

But, instead of trying to say what the document says in my words, let me pick up a few choice sentences from the document itself.

Under the heading of Dual Nationality, it reads: “The Government of Cuba does not recognize the U.S. nationality of U.S. citizens who are Cuban-born or (and here is the part that to me is unbelievable and unacceptable) or are the children of Cuban parents.

“These individuals will be treated solely as Cuban citizens and may be subject to a range of restrictions and obligations, including military service (in Cuba).

“The Cuban government may require U.S. citizens, whom the Government of Cuba considers to be Cuban, to enter and depart using a Cuban passport… . There have been cases of Cuban-American dual nationals being forced by the Cuban government to surrender their U.S. passports,” the document says.

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Caracastan death spiral: Maduro regime finds perfect solution to country’s woes

Socialism at its best

Wow. What a clever solution to a country’s death spiral: shorten the work week to two days for all public sector employees and pay them a full salary !

That will solve all problems, for sure, especially since Venezuela’s public sector is huge, due to all of the formerly private enterprises now owned and run by the state.

Aaah!  The wonders of Castro-style socialism !  Viva la revolucion!

Bernie Sanders, please start taking notes.  Imagine the extra votes you’d get if you promised everyone a two-day work week at full pay! (But please don’t show anyone these photos).

From City A.M.

Venezuela gives public sector workers a two-day working week

Venezuela has given public sector workers a two-day working week as its government fights to weather a worsening power crisis.

Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, said on national television: “The public sector will work Monday and Tuesday, while we go through these critical and extreme weeks.”

Full salaries will still be paid despite the two-day week.

The move sparked rioting and unrest in several cities by citizens. They’ve endured months of energy rationing, food shortages and soaring prices amid Venezuela’s worst recession in decades.

Maduro’s government has already introduced four-hour blackouts for at least 40 days, plunging towns and cities across Veneuzela into darkness. “Previous measures unfortunately failed,” Luis Motta Dominguez, energy minister, said.

The government had already given most of the country’s 2.8m state employees Fridays off during April and May, to reduce energy consumption. Earlier this year, he ordered some shopping malls to generate their own power, and cut daily working hours.

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The solution to all of America’s problems: Heil Bernie!

Miami Medicare fraud ringleaders escape FBI, flee to Castro’s Cuba for safety

Apparently, Obama has not surrendered or appeased enough to Cuba’s apartheid Castro regime for them to stop providing safe haven for their Medicare fraudsters.

Via The Miami Herald:

FBI agents bust Miami Medicare ring while some suspects flee to Cuba

But four additional suspects are believed to have fled to Cuba, where Medicare fraud fugitives have found refuge for years

Social Security Medicare

In September, a trio of FBI agents showed up at a Hialeah dental office looking for Pedro Torres.

Torres slipped away before they could arrest him as an employee created a distraction, shouting in Spanish that the suspect had run down the hallway and into the street. Torres, suspected mastermind of a 10-chain pharmacy ring that bilked Medicare for millions, escaped to Cuba — along with three others from his organization.

But on Thursday, federal agents caught up with 18 other members of his network and arrested them on charges of operating Miami-Dade pharmacies as fronts to steal $17 million from the taxpayer-funded Medicare program. Earlier, agents had arrested three other suspects in a related pharmacy case in which Medicare lost almost $10.5 million because of false claims for prescription drugs.

The fugitives in the main case are Torres, the accused ringleader; Antonio Hevia, who has a prior Medicare fraud conviction; and Mario Saul Lay and Ariel Nunez Finalet, the listed owners of two of the pharmacies. They are among an estimated 150 South Florida defendants facing Medicare fraud offenses who are at large in Cuba, Mexico and other countries.

At dawn Thursday, federal agents with the FBI and Health and Human Services fanned out to arrest the defendants, who used a string of local pharmacies to rip off millions from the U.S. government. The defendants are charged with conspiring to defraud the federal health insurance program by paying off recruiters to reel in Medicare beneficiaries so they could use their ID numbers to file false claims for prescription drugs, according to authorities.

Authorities say they pulled off the multimillion-dollar racket by forging doctors’ signatures for medication that was either unnecessary or not provided. Medicare and private insurers failed to detect the fraud after paying out millions — a longstanding problem because of lax oversight by federal healthcare regulators.

“Unfortunately, South Florida remains ground zero for these types of scams,” said William Maddalena, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Miami office.

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Mother of imprisoned Cuban dissident pleads for his release

Yaqueline Boni Echevarria and her imprisoned son Yaser

From the Cuban Democratic Directorate:

Human rights activist protests in front of Castro’s embassy in Washington DC

Mother demands for her son’s safety and freedom.

Link to video HERE Protest in Havana and Yaser’s arrest

The Cuban Democratic Directorate joins Yaqueline Boni Echevarria in denouncing the brutal re-arrest of her son, peaceful Cuban activist Yaser Rivero Boni on Tuesday, April 26th in Havana, Cuba. Yaser, who had previously been left half-blinded by blows received while serving time as a political prisoner, has yet again received a beating and thrown in prison all a result of asking for “Libertad” (freedom) for political prisoners and for Cuba.

Yaser literally stepped into the spotlight by taking his plea for freedom to a live ESPN baseball audience during President Obama’s visit to Cuba.  As ESPN’s Bob Levy began a live shot from outside the stadium, Yaser approached announcing that he was a member of the opposition and asking for freedom of political prisoners, those same political prisoners which Dictator Raul Castro has very publicly denied having and challenged to release on —-if a list of names was made available to him (list was made available that same day).

Levy went on to show scenes captured by ESPN in which Yaser alongside other peaceful demonstrators were forcibly dragged down the street, one by his neck, tossed into cars and whisked away. Levy went on to read on air the paper left behind by Yaser  and also posted it on his twitter account. Levy’s actions were very appreciated by Cuba’s growing opposition movement which like Yaser risk beatings, imprisonment and death all in the name of freedom.

Yaser’s mother Yaqueline is also a familiar face of the Cuban opposition. From images depicting her bruised up, immensely swollen face, a result of vicious punches from State Security for her participation in Ladies in White marches to images of her being dragged down the street during International Human Rights Day.

Yaqueline after an encounter with Castronoids

Her journey for freedom has now taken her to Washington D.C. where she demanded from the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C. the release of her son.

Yaqueline who was herself threatened by the Regime to leave Cuba or risk retaliation being taken out on her son, left for the sake of his safety and with that is now willing to return to ensure his safety and freedom. “Now I ask Raul Castro, are you willing to let me return to Cuba after having forced me to leave the same?” is a question she poses to Castro via Cuban Embassy officials.

The Cuban Democratic Directorate asks human rights organizations, the Cuban exile and the international community to join Yaqueline Boni’s call for her son’s safety and freedom.

Foto # 4 Yaqueline Boni in front of embassy Washington DC
Yaqueline at the dragon’s lair in the U.S.

Surprise of the day: Harvard Crimson publishes anti-Normalization Circus editorial

Ringmaster of Normalization Circus
Ringmaster of Normalization Circus

Wow.  Call it a miracle.  Call it whatever you want.  It is unusual, to say the least.

An Ivy League college newspaper has published an essay one might only expect to see on Babalu or some other such web site run by “those people” down in Miami.

What are the odds of something like this happening?  Billion-to-one, for sure.

After all, Harvard University did welcome Castronoid lackey ex-Cardinal Jaime Ortega as a hero not so long ago, and gave him the chance to dismiss Cuban dissidents as low-class “delinquent” morons.

And Yale University gave Ecuadorian dictator Rafael Correa a platform from which to praise himself and his repressive regime.

Summa cum laude
Summa cum laude

Aahhh. But, every now and then, someone does win the lottery, despite the odds.

Ten extra credit points go to the Harvard Crimson, for daring to publish something so politically incorrect.

And a billion extra credit points go to the authors, one of whom is a Cuban-American.


The Cost of Obama’s Cuban Rapprochement

As President Obama stepped off Air Force One to begin his historic visit to Havana, he seized the opportunity to fire off a tweet: “¿Que Bola Cuba?” His message, which in Cuban-Spanish slang roughly translates to “What’s popping?” or “What’s good?” was surely intended to ingratiate and serve as an opening olive branch to his hosts. The irony—that the majority of Cubans would never see his message thanks to repressive internet censorship—was entirely lost on the president.

This dissonance summarizes the mood of the two-day spectacle. President Obama, the first sitting U.S. President to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge, intended to lay the foundations for renewed cooperation between the two countries. The challenge for the President was to balance the diplomatic goal of demonstrating a workable political relationship with Raul Castro, while paying lip service to the issue of the dictator’s human rights abuses.

Predictably, the results proved awkward. During a joint press conference with President Obama, Raul Castro scolded reporters for asking about human rights violations and lambasted U.S. economic policy. Soon after the conclusion of the visit, an official organ of the state-controlled Cuban media used racially vulgar language to insult the President of the United States. The no-strings-attached commitment from President Obama to lift the embargo emboldened Castro to criticize the U.S. and redeploy his communist message.

Even more embarrassing, as our President posed for photos in front of a Che Guevara mural and tweeted about his trip, thousands of political prisoners—including members of the Ladies in White movement—detained for no reason other than their peaceful opposition to political repression, rotted in jails across the island.

The current Cuban regime has made brutality towards political dissidents a regular part of its operation. Raul Castro denies the presence of political prisoners, yet the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation reports 2,555 detentions in the first two months of this year, after more than 8,600 in 2015. Members of opposition political parties are regularly subject to machete attacks, and refugees stopped by Cuban coastguard risk extrajudicial killing. Despite all this, U.S. leadership seems to have fallen for Castro’s propaganda.

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