The Faces of Evil

As Ziva reported in a post last Saturday, a project is underway to document and identify the regime agents who are harassing and physically attacking the Ladies in White. Two Miami attorneys, Willy Allen and Luis Fernandez, are working with America TeVe Channel 41 here in South Florida to publish the faces of Castro thugs from photographs and videos smuggled off the island with the hope the identities of these criminals can be obtained, and to send the message that their human rights violations are being documented forever.

NBC Miami has more:

They are the faces of evil says Willy Allen and Luis Fernandez, and they have about 60 of those faces posted on the website of spanish language America TeVe Channel 41, Miami. The two Miami attorneys are on a mission. They are involved in a project that documents the government organized repression of Cuba’s Ladies in White.

“It is terrorism,” says Fernandez.

The Ladies in White march every Sunday in support of friends and relatives that are in Cuban jails. Most of the prisoners are political activists, dissidents, or independent journalists. Each time the Ladies make their way through the streets of Havana they are surrounded by hostile, pro-Castro crowds. What Allen and Fernandez have found is that the same faces consistently show up in the “spontaneous demonstrations.” They have highlighted the faces in the video and posted it on the Channel 41 website,

* * *

Allen and Fernandez have assembled visual evidence that the the Castro intelligence service calls the shots.

“There is a guy that wears different colored guayaberas that is at every rally, he is the guy calling the shots and he is with Cuban intelligence.” It appears that a majority of faces posted on the website are Cuban government agents, or police officers who are dressed in civilian clothes.

What is the purpose of the project? Two-fold say the lawyers. The first hope is those directly involved in the harassment might have second thoughts after they find out their pictures are being spread worldwide and that they someday might be held accountable. The second purpose is to gather evidence for future action. There are international courts and legal systems in some European countries that deal with human rights abuse. There are courts, according to Allen and Fernandez, who will deal with claims of crimes against humanity.

For more than fifty years, these thugs have carried out their reign of terror on innocent Cubans with impunity. Now, however, their actions and their identities are being recorded so that the entire world can see the true faces of evil.

As Travis Bickle once said: “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.”

4 thoughts on “The Faces of Evil”

  1. This is excellent. Put those faces in the public eye and if you can get names to go with them all the better.

  2. Fine. Let’s also seek justice for 50 years of Stalinist torture and murder, and it’s enablers. And it won’t be pretty;

    Is getting a little bo-bo bruise (as in Ladies in White, Yoani) worse than getting kicked to death, tortured to death, murdered at the firing squad like befell THOUSANDS of earlier Castroite victims? (including 219 women as documented by the Cuban archive?)

    …this could snowball….

    …..Hope it does….bring it on and let’s go back a bit –and get THEM ALL!!!

    Alas, TOO MANY are in Miami!..Indeed, the pictures would be of them sitting in chairs of Maria Elvira’s very show!

    Now THAT would be interesting…?

  3. Humberto, all – Just as all governments use turncoat spies, and former/current criminals to gather evidence, so should the exile community. If you want to capture filth, you’re going to have to get dirty. We should stop taking the high road and playing nice. This is war, and we should use everything at our power to win. There’s a half century of victims who deserve justice. Many of us have started projects similar to this, but just didn’t have the means to be effective. I fully support this effort to name names and eventually bring those guilty to justice. It’s about friggin time.

  4. One more thing, as far as I’m concerned those in the MSM, and others who have been in a position to know, in my book are also complicent in the crimes of against the Cuban people. They too should have their photos and their record of supporting the mass murdering tyrants publicized in the mass media. Is it not against the law to witness a murder or other crime and not report it as such?

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