Brain Salad Surgery Aboard The Crazy Train

Jared Laughner’s friend: Dude, the dude was no ‘politico’ or ‘newsie’. Didn’t like tea. But he did really enjoy this wacky flick. Hmm, anarchist?


Nah … Not a chance.

Hillary Clinton: I never met Jared Loughen but with my grand omnipotence I know he is a political extremist.

John Kerry: `Twas global warming that caused the Tucson tragedy and only ‘clean energy’ will unite us all.

Keystone— er, Pima County Sheriff’s Dept: Shooter let-off with a warning three hours prior to shooting. Sheriff Dupie says no to report files release … says yes to report files release. I am confident the good sheriff has released all of them …

You have the momentum, boys … The democrats are busy in full political meltdown mode. Let’s go. LEAD!

Three-fingers to wash it down: First time in 63 years the nation has no Kennedy’s in the Congress. But don’t let that stop them from popping their heads in to say “Hey!” and stumble about.

Brain Salad Surgery aboard the Crazy Train.

3 thoughts on “Brain Salad Surgery Aboard The Crazy Train”

  1. “Just need a little Brain Salad Sur-ge-ry
    Got to cure this insecurity
    ’cause I been in the wrong place
    But it must have been the right time
    I been in the right place
    But it must have been the wrong song”

    Dr John (inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year)


  2. I hope our side is going to use the obvious momentum of the election in November and the failure of the left to capitalize on the tragedy in Arizona to go ahead on our agenda full speed ahead.

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