U.S. Coast Guard very busy detaining and immediately deporting Cuban asylum seekers

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They keep coming. And they keep being sent back.

No doubt about it, the U.S. is practicing a schizoid immigration policy. While thousands of immigrants are pouring into the U.S. across the Mexican border, willy-nilly, all those who arrive by sea are not only denied the chance to ask for asylum, but are quickly returned to their countries of origin.

See figures in image above. Question: what’s going on with Dominican migration? Has the Dominican Republic entered into a migration contest with Cuba?

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The United States Coast Guard recently reported that, in the span of a week, they detained more than 250 migrants who sought to reach that country, including Cuban rafters.

Said period includes the dates from May 5 to 12, in which the authorities reported eight different operations that involved 257 people, all of them resulting in arrests.

In that period of time, the federal agency repatriated to the island 50 Cuban rafters who, in principle, had the intention of fleeing the misery that prevails in their country and reach lands of freedom to try to emerge.

In this sense, the United States authorities stressed to all travelers that the maritime borders are not open, and that anyone who tries to arrive by that route will be detained and, surely, deported in the following days.

Given this, it should be remembered that the United States warned those Cubans (and Haitians) who try to enter by sea that, after April 27, those who are detained will not be able to request a humanitarian parole.

Since October 1, 2022, when fiscal year 2023 began, the US Coast Guard has intercepted more than 6,000 Cubans in the Florida Straits.

The figure sets off alarm bells in the authorities, since the current one even exceeds that of the entire previous period, which accounted for a total of 6,182 Cubans.