Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua prevent Ukraine’s Zelensky from attending EU-CELAC summit in Brussels

The Castro, Inc. Triangle: Vortex of Latrine Doom

From our Bureau of Summits Doomed at Conception with some assistance from our new Bureau of Latrine American Black Holes

How’s this for proof of CELAC’s true colors? Pressure exerted on other Latrine American nations by the Castro, Inc. Triangle has led to the cancellation of Volodimir Zelensky at the summit being held in Brussels.

The Castro, Inc. Triangle (Cuba- Venezuela- Nicaragua) is as much of a sinister vortex as the infamous Bermuda Triangle or a black hole. It causes hope to vanish without a trace. This vortex at the center of the Latrine galaxy known as CELAC is a voracious force that won’t stop devouring all hope for a better future until it has turned the entire lower half of the Western hemisphere into a totalitarian hellhole allied with the Russia-China-Iran triangle on the other side of the world.

The Castro, Inc. Triangle dominates CELAC, and the triangle itself is dominated by Cuba, one of the few countries on planet earth that has consistently and vociferously defended Russia’s invasion and rape of Ukraine.

And never mind the EU: for their own perverted reasons, they don’t care what happens to Latrine America as long as they can sell stuff to it and its beaches welcome Euro-loaded tourists, preferably in apartheid facilities.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Strong pressure from the Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan regimes led the Council of the European Union to confirm that the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, will not attend the European Union (EU) – Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) Summit ), which will be held between next Monday and Tuesday in Brussels.

A senior EU official made the decision public during a briefing organized by the Council of the European Union, Argentine outlet Infobae reported.

“This is the first summit with CELAC that we have had in eight years, and the regions are aligned. It is clear the collateral damage in other parts of the world from the Russian aggression, which has caused damage and fragilities, which has created food insecurity and increased inflation. All of this will probably be discussed (at the Summit), but President Zelensky is not going to attend,” the official agent quoted as saying.

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  1. Ortega looks like a syphilitic, Maduro looks like an overgrown moron and D-C looks like a Russian minion. And yes, they all reflect very, VERY badly on their respective countries. Lord, the disgrace.

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