Children bearing the brunt of Cuba’s collapsing healthcare system

Sick Cuban Children whose ailments are not being treated by the Cuban Public Health System.

The so-called medical power lauded by leftists in America and across the world is collapsing, and children are suffering because of it. Sick Cuban children are suffering without proper medical care, medicine, or medical supplies, while the Castro dictatorship is shipping doctors and nurses overseas to work as slave labor and investing resources in building new hotels and resorts for foreign tourists. This is socialism in action.

Via Diario de Cuba:

Calls for help and reports to the Red Cross: what can be done for Cuba’s sick children?

Activists and parents complain of a lack of supplies, specialized medical personnel, and even minimum conditions to treat their ailments.

Several Cuban minors suffer from diseases for which answers have not been found by the Cuban Public Health system. Activists and parents of the children have reported their cases on social media, complaining about, above all, a lack of supplies, specialized medical personnel, and even minimum conditions to deal with the ailments in question.

A girl’s surgery in a Havana hospital is postponed

Case in point: Erika de la Caridad Álvarez Sarduy is a little girl who has been waiting for more than two weeks for neurosurgery at the Juan Manuel Márquez Children’s Hospital in Havana, the child’s father, Ezequiel Álvarez, reported on Facebook.

“My child has a 2.5-centimeter brain tumor and a cyst along with it, measuring approximately seven centimeters. After two weeks at the hospital, nothing has been done for her because the hospital does not have the necessary equipment or medical personnel. The studies I brought from my province (Villa Clara) are good, and detailed, so it’s not necessary to repeat them. All that’s missing is the surgery. Please share, and any help is accepted,” Álvarez said.

In another post the girl’s father clarified that his daughter is not the only one in this situation: “There are children there who have been admitted for more than four months, without solutions to their problems, due to the lack of resources and medical personnel. Many of these parents are content with their children being at the hospital because if they enter a state of emergency they will be operated on. But, why wait until a child who is sick goes into a vegetative state, or it becomes serious, and his life is then hanging by a thread?”

A Bayamo mother demands treatments and supplies for her daughter

Other cases, such as that of Yohaira, an 8-year-old from Bayamo, reveal how the precariousness racking Cuba affects the recovery of patients with multiple conditions. Anne Jorge, the mother of the minor, who suffers from reduced mobility, demanded care for her daughter via Facebook.

“Today I want to ask several questions, although those responsible have no answers. Where is UNICEF? What is the PCC (Communist Party of Cuba) doing? My little girl is only eight years old” and, with so many pathologies, “she has a low quality of life. Don’t tell me to keep quiet any longer. As a desperate mother, one who doesn’t care about anything that may happen to me, I demand a better life for my Yohi. I demand that my daughter, through physical therapy and the resources she requires, be helped to walk,” she said.

“I demand that my Yohi be treated like a human being, and be able to enjoy a breakfast, and snack, like the children of those in power; for them, there’s enough of everything. I demand an end to these shortages, for my child’s life. And most importantly, I demand the freedom that so many relish, but don’t dare demand,” concluded the girl’s mother.

A bedridden child’s condition worsens with the blackouts

Jesús Lázaro Lorenzo Pérez’s mother, María Caridad Pérez Díaz, has been waiting for more than eight months for a humanitarian visa to treat the multiple ailments that have her son bed-ridden, and now complains that the blackouts are worsening her sick son’s quality of life.

“Jesus is a child who needs air conditioning to live, and the blackouts continue in Cuba. He has an epilepsy that is difficult to control, chronic malnutrition, a horrible deviation of the spine, and he cannot sit up because it (his spine) could break. We need emergency medical assistance. We need a special chair with special accessories that are only available in developed countries,” Maria explained in a Facebook post.

In a broadcast that this mother sent via the same social network, she explained how in the midst of the blackouts she had to remove secretions from her son, who was short of breath. “Feel my pain. Down with the dictatorship. Down with Communism. If my name is Mary, Jesús is going to live. Here I have Jesús, strangled by pneumonia, spreading his cold everywhere, in the middle of a blackout,” said the mother before starting to remove the spittle from her son with a tube.

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