Che Guevara’s daughter trashes Israel and calls on all Arabs to fight

In a social media video which I forced myself to watch but will not link, inveterate propaganda shill Aleida Guevara comes out swinging against Israel, which she calls “the worst of humanity” and threatens with “total rejection” by mankind for its alleged crimes (including the false 10/17 attack on a Gaza hospital, though even American media rushed to publish that blood libel and only reluctantly walked it back). She does not, of course, mention any crimes committed by Hamas, which is not even named, let alone condemned. She comes off like a wannabe anti-Golda Meir.

In an overbearing, hectoring tone, she also lectures Arab countries, calling on all of them to join the fight. She even offers her “medical” services to her “Palestinian brothers” in solidarity (though just keeping her fed would probably prove prohibitive, not that her serving in Gaza is especially likely). Finally, she says “the Palestinian people today are putting into practice what my own people say, Patria o Muerte, but our final word is Venceremos. And that’s what we expect [Palestinians] to do: to win, always to win. Hasta la victoria siempre.” Right. Gotta quote and plug Daddy, too.

Presumably she got clearance from higher-ups before posting the video, though there’s nothing in it that they would object to, except as a matter of tactics or timing (and it’s not inconceivable that they put her up to it). The regime’s official statement hours after the news broke on 10/7 blamed the events on “75 years of permanent violation of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people and the aggressive and expansionist policies of Israel.” Still, even Mariela Castro has kept her trap shut so far, but Guevara is not officially part of the government, just a blowhard appendage.

Of course, in real terms this means nothing, because the woman is nothing apart from being Che’s daughter, which was not her doing but has always been her meal ticket, to which she owes everything. The regime is happy to have her services, naturally, but it knows she’s just a loudmouthed hijita de papá, and she has no real power In any case, her heavy-handed screed is obviously offensive, but it does reflect the true nature of Castro, Inc., aka “the revolution.”

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  1. Aleida Guevara has been doing this sort of thing a long time, meaning she’s a very experienced “firebrand” and may even believe what she spews, like her father apparently did–unlike Fidel Castro, who believed in nothing except himself and simply used Che both alive and dead (and probably saw him as a glorified comemierda). FC was always very good at recruiting human tools, and boy did he use them.

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