Leaked documents reveal how socialist Venezuela has been turned into a narco-state

Following the instructions and lead of his colonial masters in Cuba, socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro has turned Venezuela into an international criminal enterprise. Squandering the world’s largest reserve of oil with corruption and failed socialist policies, Maduro has turned to the trafficking of narcotics to fund his totalitarian regime. Maduro is following the path of his communist masters in Havana, who also squandered the rich resources of Cuba and turned to trafficking arms, drugs, humans, and harboring terrorists to generate revenue.

Via The Yucatan Times:

Huge cyber leak evidence Nicolás Maduro has turned Venezuela into a narco-state

The role of the military in relation to the drug trade has shifted from looking the other way in exchange for taking bribes to one of active player, according to leaked documents obtained by the Herald and its reporting partners, bolstered by interviews with former members of the Caracas regime, U.S. officials and others.

“They are the ones that are in charge now, directly involved in the transportation of cocaine, the distribution of cocaine, not only to the United States, but also to Europe,” Mike Vigil, former chief of International Operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said of the Venezuelan military.

This reality is part of the backdrop to what could conceivably be a thaw in frigid relations between the United States and Venezuela.

In hopes of fostering stability in Venezuela, the Biden administration this past month offered an easing of sanctions contingent on President Nicolás Maduro holding free and fair elections, which for him would be a first. The initiative comes after a year in which Venezuelans, driven by social and economic upheaval, have poured into the United States, seeking asylum after making a long trek over land and across the Rio Grande. The influx has strained immigration and social services.

Biden’s move has outraged some Republicans, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who called it “granting legitimacy to a criminal dictatorship.”

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