Cuban dictatorship sells doctors to Jamaica as slave labor despite island’s physician shortage

On top of the lack of ambulances, medicine, and crumbling hospitals, communist Cuba faces a dire doctor shortage. But the Castro dictatorship needs cash, so they continue shipping doctors abroad as slave labor. The latest modern-day slave trade transaction by the Cuban regime is with Jamaica, which is purchasing enslaved ophthalmologists from the Castro government.

Via ADN Cuba:

Despite doctor shortages, Cuba is shipping them to Jamaica

The Cuban regime sent Cuban ophthalmologists to Jamaica to restore the Jamaica-Cuba Ophthalmic Care Program, while the shortage of specialists on the island to care for Cubans continues.

During a quarterly press conference, Jamaica’s Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, stated that “nine members of the Cuban ophthalmic care team arrived on the island in July and are currently working at the Kingston Public Hospital. The remaining team of 18 members is expected to come to Jamaica in November.”

According to Tufton, “clients listed in the Jamaica-Cuba Eye Care program records are being contacted to determine if there is still a need for surgery. About 6,458 clients have been assessed so far, and it has been deemed that 5,863 still require surgery,” as reported by the news outlet Loop News.

Until September, approximately 528 patients were examined, with 155 prepared for cataract surgery. “132 have been examined for diabetic retinopathy, and 180 laser treatments have been performed, along with 10 pterygium surgeries,” added the official.

The collaboration with Cuba not only involves sending specialists but also “support for equipment maintenance and knowledge exchange with local physicians,” highlighted health officials.

Additionally, this isn’t the only partnership between Cuba and Jamaica. Over 300 Cuban doctors are currently working in hospitals and clinics there. This is part of an agreement between both countries, which in October signed a letter of intent for the continuous supply of a medical brigade to Kingston.

Furthermore, about 100 Cuban teachers are working in Jamaican schools due to a wave of resignations among local teachers seeking better wages by immigrating to other countries.

On another note, Cuba’s ambassador to Jamaica, Fermín Quiñones Sánchez, stated that Cuba would be willing to assist the Caribbean island in controlling the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the transmitter of dengue, despite Cuba itself not having successfully controlled outbreaks of this disease within its borders.

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  1. Just business as usual. And no, Castro, Inc. cannot be shamed out of doing this, since it has no shame. Of course, it helps that practically nobody else has a problem with it except “those people.”

    Oh, and nice Caribbean “solidarity” Jamaica is showing, though at least it’s not “Latin.”

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