castro’s Mexican gas attacks

Anyone remember those strange attacks on Mexican natural gas pipelines that wrought havoc on central Mexico last month? A pathetic little leftist group called EPR said they did them in a bid to get their comrades out of jail in Oaxaca, a southern Mexican state where a leftist insurgency is festering. The EPR used to clown around in the early 1990s, back when something called Subcommandante Marcos was pretending to be guerrilla castro in the mountains, not of Escambray but of Chiapas. He and his EZLN were poseurs, and so was this EPR, which had at most, just 100-200 members.
All of a sudden they recrudesced, and now they blew up a gas pipeline.
I had a conversation with someone who knows different people in government and he told me that government sources think castro had a hand in those attacks too. It wouldn’t be surprising, check out who’s in the upper right corner of one of their Web sites. Yeah, them. They’ve been singing for their supper to the castroites for a long time. The Mexicans are aware of this, and though they won’t say so openly, their government is very scared. They don’t want to fight castro, who constantly threatened them in the 1960s – which is why they appeased the beast and allowed castro’s men to use Mexico City as their continental base to spread trouble. It’s not a good approach, but it’s what they tend to do and explains why they are doing it now.
So, the Mexican government has gone out of its way to be nicey nice to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez even though we all know exactly what they really think of him. If they’re scared, they should get help rather than take that oily dictator on all by themselves. Maybe they are. I just hope they don’t go too far down appeasement road.
It’s not surprising that castro is threatening to blow up Mexico’s energy supplies. If Mexico loses its energy cash due to guerrillas, investment dries up and oil prices skyrocket. The only person who benefits from that scenario is Hugo Chavez.

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  1. Hey Mora, did you notice somethin ironic on their website? They are floating on the “Balsa” of their days. Thanks for all the good stuff tonight.

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