7 thoughts on “Big claims but…”

  1. Guajiro, this is a Hatfields vs. McCoys blood feud, between us, and an elitist hood-wearing, Miami-hating liberal dickhead, and a pusilanimous little cubano arrepentido dialoguero. That’s all. Click on this.

  2. Boy am I glad I don’t visit that site anymore (almost 4 months and counting). Besides giving me more time to do much more productive activities, it has probably extended my life span by about 6 months.
    Give it a try guys, you’ll like it. Guaranteed or your money back.

  3. And, BTW, Guajiro, these two don’t even have the balls to use their full names. Anonimity is the refuge of the cowardly and the unprincipled on the blogosphere.

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