Independence Day for me and thee

From my editorial for Pajamas Media on Independence Day and Honduras:

As I type this, millions of Hondurans stand defiant. Like our forefathers centuries ago, Hondurans declared that as a people, as a nation, they refuse to have their freedoms trampled. They, through their government instituted amongst themselves, affirmed their independence from their own King George III.

And the world scoffs. Governments and leagues of governments parse words, question the “legality” of their declaration, isolate the country through economic means, and refuse to accept a decision taken by the elected representatives of the people of a sovereign, pluralistic, and democratic nation. Governments foreign to their own speak of “charters” and “proprieties” while the freedom and the certain unalienable rights of a people stand in the balance.

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3 thoughts on “Independence Day for me and thee”

  1. As I type this, the Honduran people are defending not just their declaration, but their democracy itself. They fight against collectives with different interests and agendas and ulterior motives. Whether these are assemblies of nations, neighboring enemies, an indifferent media, or standoff-ish “allies,” the Honduran people ask for nothing that was not theirs to begin with: to have the freedom to elect and maintain those in office that are representative of their values and aspirations. To choose, without external influence, what they, as a people, see fit to choose. To keep their democracy alive and intact.

    Your key paragraph.

  2. My support and admiration for the brave people of Honduras. They saw what was coming and did something about it.
    The Socialist, Communist world is incense at this act of courage. The New York Times is outrage that a little country like Honduras said NO TO SOCIALISM AND THREW THE BUM OUT!

  3. Our dictator in waiting and his merry band of misfits have openned eyes to many here in S.Florida recently. Perhaps Obama’s stand with Iran, N Korea, Castro and Chaves and the ongoing tea parties will wake up more Americans.

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