Video of the Day: The healthcare catastrophe in communist Cuba

Despite the Castro dictatorship’s “medical superpower” propaganda, happily regurgitated by leftists, organizations, and other nations, Cuba’s healthcare, as seen in this video, is a catastrophe.

More on Cuba’s healthcare catastrophe from the Center for a FREE Cuba:

The Castro regime and their apologists claim that Cuba is a medical superpower, and provides universal health care. These claims are repeated by international organizations, but facts are in conflict with this widely repeated narrative.The Hospital Hermanos Ameijares in Cuba has conducted hundreds of bone marrow transplants for over 30 years. Why is Havana not helping José Camilo Cateura Díaz, an 11-year old Cuban boy with leukemia? Why does his family have to seek treatment in Miami? Why did Elian Lopez, a 48-year old Cuban suffering from colon cancer, risk his life windsurfing to the United States to obtain further medical treatment in March 2022?

Daniel Raisbeck and John Osterhoudt at Reason on April 18, 2022 premiered a documentary on “The Myth of Cuban Health Care” that is required viewing. Not mentioned in their documentary is that other Latin American countries ( Costa Rica, and Chile ) rate higher than the U.S. on international indices with regards to their healthcare systems, but are rarely mentioned as models to emulate. Despite Cuba’s unreliable and inflated statistics, its health care system still rates lower than the United States.

It is apparent that corruption and political influence peddling by the Castro dictatorship is impacting international organizations that measure healthcare outcomes, and make recommendations on what country’s healthcare system to emulate.

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  1. Doesn’t matter how bad it is. It’s appropriate for a third-world shithole and technically free. Never mind what “those people” think; they have all kinds of wacko ideas, like some of them actually thinking they’re white.

    As for Porker Moore, I’m sorry, but when you look that much like a nasty asshole, you’re bound to be one.

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