Cuba’s oligarchs blame island’s extreme food shortages on climate change

Castro, Inc.’s very, very white Vice Minister of the Food Industry,  Mydalis Naranjo Blanco

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The latest excuses floated by Castro, Inc.’s oligarchs are so ridiculous that they’re almost funny. But the seriousness of the crisis they’re trying to cover up is too immense to allow anyone to laugh.

One minister says that the reason Cubans don’t have fish to eat –despite living on a tropical island — is that there are too few fish in the seas that surround Cuba. Then she says that it’s all due to the shrinking of the country’s fishing fleet. Or maybe it’s all due to the Fisheries Law enacted in 2019. Or something else. . . who knows?

Another minister blames milk shortages on climate change and droughts. And yet another minister blames the failure of the mango harvest on too much rain.

Come on, guys, get your stories straight. Why not blame it all on “the blockade”? You’re all atheists, so you can’t call the shortages an act of God. Go with “the blockade,” guys, blame the only omnipresent omnipotent god in which you believe.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Vice Minister of the Food Industry, Mydalis Naranjo Blanco, said on the Mesa Redonda radio and television program that the seas that surround Cuba do not have enough fish that Cubans need to consume.

“In terms of fishing, it is appropriate to say that although we are a country that is surrounded by the sea, our waters do not have the levels of fish that we need to cover the demand of the population,” Naranjo Blanco responded to Randy Alonso’s question about how he was doing. the fishing situation in Cuba.

“Between the years 1976 and 1990 we had a fleet that fished in international waters. Cuba thus received around 100,000 tons of fish annually. Starting in 1992 there was a gradual withdrawal of this fleet and in 2002 we practically did not have this fleet active “added the official.

“Our platform presents a significant decrease in these fishing resources. For this reason, the Fisheries Law approved in 2019 is insisted on, but it does not provide for increases in marine catches,” Naranjo Blanco concluded about Cuban marine fishing. . .

. . . Likewise, the Minister of the Food Industry, Manuel S. Sobrino Martínez, blamed climate change for the perennial shortage of milk experienced by Cubans: “During the first months of the year, due to the impact of the drought, we reduced the milk production in more than 38 million liters of milk. That it is not only due to the impact of the drought, there are things related to the collection of milk that we have to order, to improve, to solve.”

Regarding the situation with the mango harvest, Sobrino Martínez said that the ripening of this fruit “has been rushed.” Regarding the frequent losses of this fruit that are reported in eastern Cuba, Sobrino acknowledged: “There are places where we have lost a level of mango that with a different behavior from the rains we could have taken advantage of it.”

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  1. Like my father might have said, she looks like a loquita, or like she’s tarada–as in not even remotely competent or of any real use whatsoever. But then again, the only thing regime functionaries have to do is serve the regime, period (and of course lie and cover up for it). Well, it’s all prime Latrine “magical realism.”

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