Cuban dictatorship has sent as many as 14,000 soldiers to fight for Russia in Ukraine

Despite claims by the communist Castro dictatorship that it has nothing to do with the Cuban troops fighting for Russia in Ukraine, a recently released independent report says otherwise.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Report: Cuba Could Have Sent as Many as 14,000 Fighters to Russia

Cuba’s communist Castro regime may have sent as many as 14,000 Cuban nationals to fight for Russia in Ukraine between July and August, according to a joint report published Monday by the Madrid-based Cuba Siglo 21 think tank and the Havana Consulting Group.

“All evidence points to a collaborative and concerted effort between the Russian and Cuban governments to organize a recruitment network of Cuban volunteers to join Russian troops in Ukraine,” Cuba Siglo 21 stated on its website.

The organizations reached their conclusion by analyzing data on the 117 flights between Russia and Cuba documented between July and August, at a rate of 13 flights per week.

The flights, according to the report, represented an available seat capacity of 52,497, of which 38,407 were occupied by Russian tourists that traveled to the island nation — 73.16 percent of the available seat capacity.

The analysis concluded that the remaining 26.84 percent of seats may have provided the Castro regime with the operational capacity to transfer up to 14,090 citizens to Russian territory between July and August. Russia is one of the few countries in the world where Cuban citizens do not need to obtain a visitor’s visa to enter.

The Cuba Siglo 21 report concluded, given the totalitarian nature of the Cuban government, that it would be impossible for Cuban nationals to leave or enter the country through any of its airports without being detected — a sign that any Cubans traveling to Russia for alleged military purposes could not do so without the Castro regime’s approval.

Reports of Cuban citizens fighting for Russia in Ukraine first surfaced in May, when the Florida-based news organization Martí Noticias reported that at least 14 Cuban nationals had signed contracts to provide military services to Russia’s armed forces in exchange for a fast track to Russian citizenship, among other benefits.

In late August, two young men claiming to be 19-year-old Cuban citizens trapped in Russia denounced in a video published in Cuban diaspora media that they had been “scammed” into fighting against Ukraine. The men said they had answered an advertisement on Facebook for manual labor jobs in Ukraine and were explicitly told they would, under no circumstances, see the front lines of the war — only to later be forced into military training.

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