Food rations for November in communist Cuba only offer 3 pounds of rice and sugar

Cubans who depend on the State and the food ration book to feed themselves so far only have 3 pounds of rice and sugar to eat in the month of November. That is all the state-owned ration stores have to offer, if anything at all. For six decades, food has been rationed food in Cuba due to the corruption and mismanagement of the Castro dictatorship. Meanwhile, foreign tourists continue to enjoy luscious buffets at the regime’s apartheid hotels and resorts. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Only three pounds of rice and sugar in Cuban stores: ‘Hunger is stalking us’

Cubans on social media are reporting that in these first two days of November, only three pounds of rice and three pounds of sugar have arrived at the stores.

“In November, hunger lurks: only one pound of rice. And I, dreaming of a plate of tasajo with sweet potato. Alabaooo…!” said Cesario Navas, a neighbor from El Vedado, on Facebook.

Some users responded that in their homes, not even the rice arrived, only the sugar.

“You are lucky. In Cerro, no rice came in,” commented a doctor.

“Dreaming costs nothing. In 10 de Octubre, no rice came in, and I’m still owed the two from last month, because the first pound didn’t come in full,” lamented an elderly woman.

“Only one pound of brown sugar arrived at the store, and nothing else. Let’s aim for less!” said Dubier Dubois in the Facebook group “Revolico Cacocum.”

In the group “El Vedado de Hoy,” a member recounted that according to her storekeeper, they only have three pounds of sugar and three pounds of rice per person.

“We have to wait throughout the month to complete the seven pounds of rice. Last month, they didn’t sell household items at the store (I have soap). This is worse than the Special Period. They don’t sell complete rations. They make you go to the store many times. Between the drip and the crumb,” she emphasized.

“This year has been better than the previous one: no chicken, no sausage, no ground meat, yes oil, yes detergent. That’s what they gave us in October to eat: six pounds of rice, dark sugar, and peas. That’s enough, remember that the one who leaves is a failure, it means that the one who stays is a winner,” another commenter quipped, alluding to Díaz-Canel, who stated that Cubans who hate the revolution are the ones who left the country but didn’t find the American dream and don’t acknowledge the failure.

Independent journalist Adelth Bonne Gamboa asked his friends on Facebook to write about what arrived in their stores on the first of November. The responses were very similar, regardless of the municipalities where the consumers reside.

Most said that they received one, two, or three pounds of sugar, and only a few lucky ones got rice.

“To my store today, cigarettes,” said a neighbor from Playa Baracoa, in Artemisa.

“Nothing came in here,” affirmed one from Guanabo, in East Havana.

The Ministry of Internal Trade (MINCIN) announced that in November, the seven pounds of rice provided by the government per consumer will be sold in a fractional and gradual manner, starting from the arrivals of the cereal in the country.

Nothing was clarified about the sugar.

In a note published on its website, MINCIN reported that the distribution of rice will be affected by financial difficulties, which have limited timely imports of the product.

On the first of November, the sale of the first three pounds of the month began, which must be completed with an average delay of up to five days.

Likewise, wholesale companies try to complete one pound of the normed family basket corresponding to October.

The organization emphasized that for November, seven pounds per capita are guaranteed.

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