They are not listening to Joe, Kamala, or Alejandro

Our leaders keep telling them to stay home or download the app.  The illegals prefer to come the old-fashioned way, i.e. ride the train or just walk north.  This is the story about the new caravan:

About 5,000 migrants from Central America, Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti set out on foot from Mexico’s southern border Monday, walking north toward the U.S.

The migrants complained that processing for refugee or exit visas takes too long at Mexico’s main migrant processing center in the city of Tapachula, near the Guatemalan border. Under Mexico’s overwhelmed migration system, people seeking such visas often wait for weeks or months, without being able to work.

The migrants formed a long line Monday along the highway, escorted at times by police. The police are usually there to prevent them from blocking the entire highway, and sometimes keep them from hitching rides.  Monday’s march was among the largest since June 2022. Migrant caravans in 2018 and 2019 drew far greater attention. But with as many as 10,000 migrants showing up at the U.S. border in recent weeks, Monday’s march is now just a drop in the bucket.

So that’s the way it is as Walter Cronkite used to say. Our leaders tell them to stay home but they are not listening.

What’s the Biden administration doing next? The illegals are not listening to the White House’s message and staying home. Mexico won’t stop them.  Maybe they don’t care or can’t.   

Of course, the Biden administration had better care and should leave a message on Lopez-Obrador voice mail asking a simple question: “Que pasa amigo”? How can Mexico stand by and let 5,000 non-Mexicans walk into their country? It makes no sense, unless the Mexican government is in on the racket or afraid to challenge the criminal elements behind all of this.

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  1. The US has tragically become a joke. The illegals [and I use “illegals” not those BS euphemisms so in vogue nowadays] come because we allow them to come. We have a shadow government that has taken over this country and is trying to destroy it.

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